The Child & Youth Health Network is using a Collective Impact as an approach to improve outcomes for young people throughout Southern Vancouver Island.

Collective Impact is a complexity-theory based approach that engages cross-sectorial partners for system change. Collective Impact enables stakeholders to use existing resources to improve the health and sustainability of their communities by: 1) convening around a common agenda that is supported by locally-generated data; and 2) redesigning initiatives to ensure mutually reinforcing activities. Due to its effectiveness, Collective Impact is being taken up by communities across North America and around the globe, as a way for diverse stakeholders to address some of our most complex 21st-century challenges.

The following are resources on the Collective Impact model.

Collective Impact in Action


  • The original Collective Impact paper, with links to other papers published by the Stanford Social Innovation review.
  • A recent, comprehensive text resource is ‘Collective Insights on Collective Impact’ from the Stanford Social Innovation Review is comprised of 9 short articles and includes some of the most recent thinking about Collective Impact.




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For more information contact Petra Chambers-Sinclair, Coordinator, Child & Youth Health Network Collective Impact initiative:

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