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What Makes a Good Childhood?

Prenatal to Post secondary Partners have been asking the question: What Makes a Good Childhood?

We’ve collectively identified a working list of features of a good childhood, organized into the following seven themes:

Basic Needs

Housing, food & income

Play & Nature

Opportunities for creative, non-structured play, including freedom to run, play & explore.


Safe homes, safe schools & safe communities

Learning & Community Contribution

Access to a continuum of learning experiences & opportunities to contribute.


A sense of belonging & feeling wanted. Continued acceptance & unconditional regard even when young people become hard to appreciate or youth become intimidating.

Healthy Relationships (Informal Networks)

Love, enduring primary attachment, family, community, friendships & role models.

Community & Health Services (Formal Networks)

Including: Universal services such as recreation resources, neighborhood houses, and health care professionals. Preventative or safety-net supports such as mental health services and crisis response.

What do you think?

Tell us! What have we missed?

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