As we begin to improve population-level outcomes for children, youth & families we are also gathering exisiting data to establish a baseline.

How Do We Rate for quality Early Childhood Education?

According to data pulled together at, we lagging as a nation & as a province.

Innocenti Report Card

Kerry McCuaig in the same article explains that the Early Childhood Education Index is a 15-point scale designed to assess governance, funding and accountability of early childhood programming by province.

ECE Index 2011

Kerry McCuaig summarizes: “In 2011, only three jurisdictions made it past the halfway mark in this first iteration (Figure 1). Yet there are reasons for optimism. In 2006, Quebec would have stood alone. At that time, only three provinces offered full-day kindergarten; today six do. Province-wide curricula anchored in learning through play were the exception instead of the norm. No province had merged oversight for education and child care; today four have a single lead ministry, and the monitoring and reporting of vulnerability in preschool-aged children is no longer a rarity. We now have many examples of good practice and the steps that jurisdictions took to achieve their results. Their experiences can serve as a guide to others. The index does not suggest that there is only one route to success. Indeed, the two leading jurisdictions (Quebec and Prince Edward Island) reached their destinations using very different methods. The index is now housed at the Atkinson Centre at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. It will undergo additional validation before going into the field again in 2013–2014.”

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