The Constellation Model

The Child & Youth Health Network (C&YHN) uses the constellation model.

The following are our guidelines for C&YHN constellations:


  • Establish a champion & coordinator
  • Attend monthly meetings: commit to 6-12 months of membership
  • Engage in research and outreach between meetings as needed
  • Review materials and come to meetings prepared for engaged discussion & respectful dialogue
  • Welcome alternative worldviews. Allow conflict to deepen understanding & relationships
  • Involve youth in in a meaningful way

Shared Measurement & Mutually Reinforcing Activities

  • Review research on effective strategies & develop criteria to determine what is already working well
  • Align actions inside & outside of the constellation with the Common Agenda of the Child & Youth Health Network
  • Provide frequent progress updates to the collective & respond to communications from partners
  • Track shared indicators & share data through Continuous Communication systems


  • Champion the Child & Youth Health Network Collective Impact initiative in the community


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