The late Dr. Clyde Hertzman, past director of the Human Early Learning Partnership at the University of British Columbia, and a leader of the pan-Canadian Early Child Development Monitoring Network, describes a proposed system for monitoring early childhood development & it’s determinants.

This system includes 5 elements:

  1. Population measures: measures that are taken of all children at a given point (such as at birth, 18 months or Kindergarten). An example includes the Early Development Instrument ‘EDI‘.
  2. Longitudinal Studies: random samples of children that begin at or before birth and intensively track influences and outcomes for individuals;
  3. Administrative Data Linkages: Bring together birth, health and education data (shared measurement~!)
  4. Social Indicators: ‘baskets’ of variables of social factors that effect children’s development, including socioeconomic and social capital factors
  5. Early Child Development program and policy databases that track all of the public investments that are made by a society into early childhood

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