The Child & Youth Health Network (C&YHN) uses the constellation model.

As of early June 2015, there were 8 active constellations in the C&YHN. These include:

  1. Youth;
  2. Active Transportation;
  3. Shared Measurement & Evaluation;
  4. Mental Health;
  5. Physical Health/Physical Literacy;
  6. Healthy Schools;
  7. Mutually Reinforcing Activities;
  8. Enhancing the Lived Experience of Young Children Who Live in Poverty.

One constellation (Common Agenda) completed its objective in the Spring of 2015 and dissolved.

Youth Constellation

Coordinator: Nathan Papik & Sage Kendall, youth: Alternate contact: Petra Chambers-Sinclair

Key Successes/Activities:

  • Youth partners in the C&YHN have been attending meetings of various constellations (Common Agenda, Mental Health & the Stewardship Committee) since January.
  • The Youth Constellation has met frequently throughout the spring. Six youth age 15-17 have participated. The youth constellation also includes 4 adult allies.
  • The youth have created a vision for a Youth Mental Health Resource Hub which they presented at the whole network meeting on June 22.
  • Secured funding from the Horner Foundation for a youth engagement coordinator for the C&YHN.


  • The youth are interested in continuing to work to improve access to mental health services for youth through a service delivery hub that addresses mind, body & spirit.
  • Over the summer they also plan to explore alternate ways of looking at mental health: a social/political view; an Indigenous shamanic perspective; and an exploration of the research into the connection between gut health and mental health.

Active Transportation Constellation

Coordinator: Jennifer Black, community member:

Key Successes/ Activities:

  • Active and Safe Routes to School Forum was hosted by West Shore Parks and Recreation in February
  • The District of Oak Bay hosted a Bike to School Week in May. The District of Saanich just awarded a project for a pilot active and safe routes to school project


  • To create programs and infrastructure that make it safe and enjoyable for families to be able to get to school, recreation, shopping, visiting, etc. by foot and by bike. Improve access to a range of amenities along safe and convenient cycling and walking routes.
  • Aim to get families active and enjoying quality time together, helping to ensure strong and vibrant communities. The overall effect is better physical and mental health for kids, safer streets, and more opportunities.

Shared Measurement & Evaluation Constellation

Coordinator: Shannon Clarke, CRD:

Key Successes/ Activities:

  • Meets regularly.
  • Launched a Developmental Evaluation Community of Practice with a 2-day training session.
  • Review of literature relating to child & youth health indicators.
  • Currently working on defining the domains of health and wellbeing for children and youth as the start of our shared measurement system.


  • After the Common Agenda is endorsed by the community, the next step for the C&YHN is to develop the shared measurement system. This constellation will lead the way in establishing network-wide outcomes, linked to the Common Agenda, and selecting a set of 15-20 indicators that will guide the network.

Mental Health Constellation

Coordinator: Colleen Hobson, Saanich Neighbourhood Place:

Key Successes/ Activities:

  • The constellation has a wide representation of people, communities, sectors and organizations. The group is very passionate.
  • Held a ‘mapping the child & youth meantl health session’ in June.


  • Aligning with other groups working towards improving access to child & youth mental health services.
  • Supporting the youth partners in the network in developing their proposal for a Youth Mental health resource hub.

Physical Health/Physical Literacy Constellation

Coordinator: Nicky Brown, Oak Bay Recreation:

Key Successes/ Activities:

  • Has met monthly with a number of participants from Recreation, Island Health, The Ministry of Health, Consultants and Community Associations.
  • Working on a goal statement to drive the direction of the group
  • Great discussions around what programs/initiatives already exist in the CRD and what can be built upon.
  • Review of literature/research to again help guide the group.


  • Looking to further grow the constellation to include parents, schools, active transportation and mental health representatives.
  • Researching funding opportunities for future projects.

Healthy Schools Constellation

Coordinator: Cindy Andrew, Chair, SD 62 District PAC Healthy Schools Committee:

Key Successes/ Activities:

  • A ‘Promoting Mental Health Forum’ was held on May 27th. Representatives from each of the four participating school districts (Assistant Superintendents, District Principals/Directors of Student Services and Instruction, Trustees and a parent who chairs a District PAC Healthy Schools Committee as well as a District Coordinator, Healthy, Safe and Caring Schools) and Island Health (who were represented by Medical Health Officers, Managers responsible for Healthy Schools related programs and Healthy Schools Coordinators) were involved in the planning and implementation.
  • This group, building on the school readiness grant proposal and previous conversations around related tables (e.g., Western communities Healthy Schools network; CRD wide Healthy Kids R Us), worked collaboratively to plan for the day. There was a high level of engagement from all parties – helping make for a strong program and ultimately a successful day


  • Enhanced collaboration across the school districts
  • Strengthened partnerships between school/district communities, Island Health and other community partners/stakeholders
  • Enhanced uptake of evidence-aligned school-based approaches to promoting and supporting the mental health of children and youth across the CRD
  • The student voice was invaluable in the afternoon planning sessions as it provided insight into the youth’s perspective on what they require in regards to their health and learning needs.

Mutually Reinforcing Activities Constellation

Coordinator: Kelly Greenwell, Quadra Village Community Centre:

Key Successes/ Activities:

  • Key activity for this constellation has been considering the need for mapping: (1) a map of everything that is contributing to child & youth health in the region; (2) a systems map of child & youth health services & actions.
  • Identified the need for funding and partnerships to help with the above-mentioned mapping and prepared an application for funding to Success by Six to begin mapping the early years system in the capital region.


  • Mapping the system.
  • Developing systems to ensure that C&YHN constellations align & do not ‘re-silo’ (!).

Enhancing the Lived Experience of Young Children Who Live in Poverty Constellation

Coordinator: Sibylle Artz, School of Child & Youth Care, UVic:

Key Successes/ Activities:

  • Participated in a Theory of Change Exercise.
  • Partnered with UVic’s Centre for Early Childhood Research and Policy and with the Burnside Gorge Community Association.
  • Applied through UVic for a Success by 6 grant to carry out research with population of interest.

New Constellations (as of June 2015)

Youth Justice

Coordinator: Ranj Atwal, MCFD: and Petra Chambers-Sinclair, Young Parents Support Network:


Coordinators: Suzanne Nievart, International Institute of Child Rights & Development: and Jin-Sun Yoon, School of Child & Youth Care, UVic:

Tillicum Early Years Centre

Coordinator: Corinne Bains, Saanich Neighbourhood Place:

Contact the Network:

Kathy Easton, Chair, Stewardship Committee:

Petra Chambers-Sinclair, Network Coordinator:


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