2015 Vital Signs cover
This fall, partners in the Child & Youth Health Network are exploring ‘connectedness’ as the overarching population-level outcome to improve the mental & physical health of children & youth in our community. It turns out that connectedness & belonging is an emerging theme for others who are concerned about well-being, as it it is also the subject of the Community Foundations of Canada 2015 Vital Signs Report.

2015 Vital Signs

2015 Vital SignsAccording to the 2015 Vital Signs Report, when we feel a strong sense of belonging and connection to people around us:

  • We are healthier. Belonging to social groups and networks is as important to our health as diet and exercise. People with strong support networks tend to have a lower prevalence of mental illness and better overall physical health.
  • Extensive support networks provide better opportunities for sustained and secure employment.
  • Children learn better. Belonging is a key element in the curriculum for early childhood education across Canada.
  • Life has more purpose. When people have a stronger sense of belonging, they perceive life to be more meaningful.

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