The Kid’s Rights Index is the annual global index which ranks how all UN member countries adhere to (and are equipped to improve) children’s rights.

This Index ranks all 163 countries that have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child for which sufficient data is available.

How is Canada doing?

In 2015 we placed #57 out of 163.

In 2016 we slipped to 72.

What area are we failing in?

Child Rights Environment

Though we score relatively high in the area of ‘life‘ , which relates to mortality and life expectancy, and the area of ‘health‘, and moderately high in the area of ‘protection‘, Canada has a shockingly low score (130-135 out of 163) in the area of ‘Child Rights Environment’.

Child Rights Environment‘ includes:

  • Non-discrimination
  • Best interest of the child
  • Respect for the views of the child/child participation
  • Enabling legislation
  • Best available budget
  • Collection and analysis of disaggregate data
  • State-civil society cooperation for child rights

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