Ariadne Labs is one example of an organization that is translating evidence into practice for impact.

The Child & Youth Health Network similarly seeks to align and initiate cost-effective evidence-based practices in the capital region of British Columbia to help us meet our goal of increasing the mental health of children and youth in our region by 10% or more within 20 years.

An article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review describes the approach taken by Ariadne Labs: “Instead of developing new treatments, people at Ariadne work to identify areas where health-care workers and institutions could be—but aren’t—deploying proven interventions. Then they develop programs that can bridge the gap between knowing what works and doing what works.”

“A crucial element of Ariadne’s work is its emphasis on evidence-based assessment and adaptation of specific interventions.”

One example is the Safe Childbirth Checklist, “a 30-item list of best practices that have been clinically proven to decrease the primary causes of maternal and neonatal death.”

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