The Child & Youth Health Network adopted the following guiding principles:

Inclusivity: All Child & Youth Health Network initiatives/actions will be inclusive, diverse and equitable; with additional supports for children and youth in special circumstances due to socio-economic status, family structure, race and ethnicity, gender and /or sexual identity, or ability. The Network values and strives to integrate non-Eurowestern worldviews.

Cultural Awareness: The Child & Youth Health Network supports cultural awareness and cultural safety: recognizing that Indigenous, immigrant and refugee children, youth and families, as well as other cultural groups, have unique needs with respect to their history, culture and traditions. The Network is committed to working with all communities and their self-identified priorities.The Network acknowledges and supports the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action in promoting health and wellness among the Indigenous people of Canada.

Evidence Informed: The Child & Youth Health Network strives for evidence informed action. All initiatives/actions and decisions promoted by the Network are based on current research, local data and expertise.

Strengths Based: The Child & Youth Health Network uses a strengths based approach: acknowledging and building on the strengths of children, youth, families and communities to enhance opportunities for positive development and outcomes.

Transparency: The Child & Youth Health Network aims to be open and transparent with all its initiatives and fundamentally embraces a holistic view of health and well-being.

Collective Impact: The Child & Youth Health Network has adopted a Collective Impact approach as a tool to understand and refine how it approaches collaborative work. This includes the five conditions of Collective Impact: a common agenda; mutually reinforcing activities; continuous communication; shared measurement systems; and backbone support.