The Index of Connectedness

The Index of Connectedness is our first project. It brings together indicators of connectedness for young people in our region in the four domains of family, school, community and peers.

To create this Index, we completed a comprehensive survey of all relevant indicators for measuring connectedness for young people that are currently in use worldwide. Then, we determined what data are available locally and where the data gaps are. An interim Index will be launched in the fall of 2017.

The Index will enable us to track trends over time and will be part of the shared measurement system that the Child & Youth Health Network will use to ensure that we are meeting our goal of substantially improving the mental health of children and youth in the capital region.

Additionally, the Child & Youth Health Network will use the Index of Connectedness to share information about the importance of connectedness for the mental health of young people and to engage the community in increasing connectedness for young people as a way to improve their mental health in the long-term.