Safe Routes to Schools & Community Hubs Active Transportation Forum

Active transportaion graphic recording

West Shore Parks and Recreation’s hosted the Safe Routes to School & Community Hubs Active Transportation forum on Feb 20th, 2015.

Active and Safe Routes to School is a constellation of the Child & Youth Health Network~.

Collective Next Steps include:

Regional: Support programs that focus on behaviour change. Partner with Parks to connect trail routes to schools.
West Shore: Complete rail trails system. Promote existing trails to get to school. Encourage more conversation between Municipalities and SD62.
North Saanich: Increase communication and partnership between Municipalities, SD and Bike Advocacy groups. (Crossing guards, new schools, cycling programs).
Saanich: Create Active Transportation Master Plan and begin Safe Routes to School Program in Fall 2015. Partner with Community stakeholders to promote.

Find more information about the forum here.

Active transportaion graphic recording 2